Tonight on NBC

Tonight’s summer repeat is “Cafe Disco”.  And just to brighten your day, a little refresher of what happened in this one.  Anytime these two want to have a dance-off, I’m all for it.  Just saying.

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Spoilers or Foilers?

If you don’t even want a chance at being spoiled for the upcoming sixth season of The Office, then read no further.

Mindy Kaling mentioned on her Twitter that they were shooting the episode she wrote with Greg Daniels.  In an update a few weeks ago, she said the episode they were writing together was Jim and Pam’s wedding.  Then Jenna Fischer points out this picture online on her MySpace blog yesterday.  So are these actual spoilers or some elaborate ploy to distract fans from what will really happen.  What do you think?  Honestly, I don’t really care either way.  I’ll just be happy to see John Krasinski looking very handsome in a suit.  Even though it looks like the end of his tie has been chopped off.

Who Killed Toby?

There’s going to be a new game out in three days–Clue: the Office edition.  In the game based on the classic, you will attempt to solve Toby’s “murder”.  The suspects are people in the office.  I’m guessing they put Michael Scott in the Mr. Boddy role, or else it would be obvious who would want to kill Toby.  For futher details and a look inside the game, head on over to OfficeTally.

Office UK Reunion

For those of you who have seen the original Office, I’m sure you’ll be excited about the following.  As for myself, I’m still intrigued even though I’m a loser and haven’t seen the UK version of the show.

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