Coming this Thursday – Beach Games


Michael  is being considered for a position in Corporate and has to recommend his replacement. While the group expects a fun outing at Lake Scranton, Michael has planned a day of Survivor-like competitions to find his successor. Meanwhile, Pam  is not asked to join in any of the activities and is forced to watch Jim and Karen have fun together.

This episode has to be one of my favorites of season 3.  This is clearly where action is starting to pick up and move in a more forward direction particularly with the relationship of Jim and Pam.

 I am a huge “JAM” fan and this episode starts to show Pam really coming out of her shell.  She finally summons the courage to confront Jim regarding her ever growing feelings toward him.   I have to ask “What took so long??”  We JAM fans are finally somewhat relieved that some of their issues are finally starting to get addressed particularly knowing that the season is coming to an end.  We needed some sort of resolution.

This episode certainly has its fair share of laughs such as Dwight throwing himself on a bed of burning hot coals in desperation to take Michael’s job or Andy’s ballooned sumo wrestler outfit that finds him falling into the lake (er, beach) and floating along into the darkness.  But all of that is really overshadowed by Pam’s confrontation with Jim and suddenly it is Karen who is the third wheel in this scenario.

I also love it because we are shown the side of Jim that we haven’t seen since the end of season 2 when he confessed his love to Pam in Casino Night.  Pam and Jim have a really cute scene toward the end of Beach Games that is eerily reminiscent of Booze Cruise when Jim tries to tell Pam how he really feels.  But this scene is in the reverse.  You can tell that Pam wants to tell Jim how she feels but doesn’t.  It’s a scene worth watching.

A hero is part human, and part supernatural. A hero is born out of a childhood trauma, or out of a disaster, that must, be avenged. – Dwight