Must See TV Thursday – The Job

The season 3 finale episode is quickly approaching this Thursday which can only mean one thing…that is, season 4 premiere is a little over one week away.

If you haven’t seen this episode it’s a must see as I feel it is one of the best episodes of this past season. For starters, there are so many subplots that are finally addressed from Jan and Michael’s relationship to the triangle of Jim, Pam, and Karen. Then there is the double entendre of the show’s title. With Michael, Karen, and Jim all interviewing for a manager position at Corporate in New York City, we are left to wonder who is finally offered “The Job.” But then in a surprising twist we are shown this…


Perhaps this is “The Job” they are referring to.

In any case the trip to New York City offers a few twists and turns with a special surprise for Jim that he stumbles upon in the middle of the interview. I won’t give the secret away but I have to admit that it’s a teary moment for us JAM fans.

I have a feeling that this episode will set us up very nicely for the premiere. Catch The Office at 8 pm this Thursday.

Well, once you get down into the mine, what…you got laser tag or something? – Michael