Frame Toby Review

My personal thoughts about last night’s episode:free hit counter


  • Michael’s reaction to seeing Toby in the cold open just made me think of Alaska’s (former) Senator Ted Stevens and his outburst on the floor of the Senate and all of the fun The Daily Show has had with it.
  • You know you’re an Office dork when you recognize the Bob Vance delivery boys who sold Michael the salad as show writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, the guys who wrote The Outburst: Part I, among other things.  It’s nice to see the two of them back on air and made me think of them cracking Jenna Fischer up during the Season 2 bloopers on “Valentine’s Day”.
  • Loved Creed’s reaction when the cops came into the office.
  • Dwight’s talking head about his perfect crime was priceless.
  • Jim and Pam’s reaction to the master bedroom of their new house.


  • I was really hoping Dwight would somehow smuggle in a volunteer deputy sheriff’s uniform again like the last time they had a show revolving around drugs, but alas, no.
  • While I’m just okay with Toby being back in the office, episodes where he and Michael are going back and forth are rarely my favorites.  Yes, I’m going to complain again about Holly not being around.  She made Michael human and likable a good portion of the time, and with Toby, Michael just goes crazy and becomes the character that makes me want to turn the channel.

But most importantly: What did you think?