The Surplus Review

Forgoing the usual setup for a review this week because even though I had my usual notebook sitting in my lap ready to take notes on what I liked and disliked, not a thing was written down.  This felt like the old style Office.  Granted it did stray outside the actual office with a trip to Schrute Farms, which is always entertaining and can therefore be overlooked.  It was nice to have the storyline be focused on something within the walls of the office about an event that is mostly benign and typical for a business (well, maybe not “typical” in the current economy).  Thank you Office for spending a week back in your roots.  I loved seeing Jim and Pam going head to head, felt bad for Michael have friends for the one day his employees needed something, knew exactly what Dwight was going to do once they all walked into the barn where a priest was waiting, and laughed at Andy stepping in manure and getting beaned in the head with a ball thrown by Mose.  All in all, I won’t remember specifics about the episode in a week, only that I could not find any major flaws with it.  And I’m okay with that.hit counter

But more importantly: What did you think?