Away We Go

Over here you can find the trailer for John Krasinski’s upcoming movie Away We Go.  It was directed by Sam Mendes, who worked with John on Jarhead, and co-stars SNL alum Maya Rudolph.

Tonight on TBS

The Job (The Office)
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Tonight on TBS you can find the hour-long third season finale, “The Job”.  It starts at 10pm/9c.

“Golden Ticket” Review

For me, just another ho-hum episode.  Although Michael in full Willy Wonka garb somersaulting out of his office did make me laugh.  I couldn’t, but still at the same time could, believe that Michael would throw Dwight under the bus.  He probably thought Dwight would be the only one to forgive him of such a deed.  I’m still more amazed that corporate thinks Scranton is this amazing branch when it comes to keeping business in the black.  I have a feeling that charade won’t last much longer, because honestly it shouldn’t have lasted this long.  Yes, I know it’s a TV show and all, but seriously.

And best of luck to Kevin and his new girl.

5×19 – Golden Ticket

Written By: Mindy Kaling
Directed By: Randall Einhorn

Synopsis (NBC): Michael causes a huge problem in the office when he comes up with the idea to put “golden tickets” into packages of paper to redeem discounts.  Andy, Jim, and Pam give Kevin differing advice on wooing a woman.


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Blood Drive Deleted Scenes

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“Blood Drive” Review

Sorry for not getting this up last night.  I got distracted by 30 Rock and then my bed since I had to wake up early this morning.

A list of things I laughed at: Kelly’s secret admirer, Dwight training his blood vessels, “Those mines aren’t going to sweep themselves”m Meredith and Kelly’s decorating philosophy, Angela’s romantic history, Andy going on his honeymoon anyway, “Cupid’s sparrow”, Dwight feeling lopsided after giving blood, everything with Kevin, and the ending with Stanley, Phyllis and Creed trying to steal (or for Creed, being successful at it) things from the blood drive trailer.

Not the funniest episode I’ve seen of the show, but there wasn’t anything that made me mad.  I was glad Michael didn’t go crazy about his mystery person.  And I loved Kelly’s reaction to his story.

But most importantly: What did you think?

5×18 – Blood Drive

Written By: Brent Forrester
Directed By: Randall Einhorn

Synopsis (NBC): It’s Valentine’s Day at the office. Michael meets a mysterious woman at a Valentine’s blood drive. Dwight and Kevin pair up with single women at the office “Lonely Hearts Party.” Meanwhile, Jim and Pam are banished from the office for being too publicly affectionate, and have an awkward lunch with Phyllis and Bob.


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Jenna Fischer Interview

OfficeTally has embedded an interview done with Jenna Fischer with “The Sound of Young America”.  Head on over there for a listen.

The Office Musical

From the same lovely YouTube user who gave us “Ryan Started the Fire“, there is now another video for you to enjoy:

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