Tonight on TBS

Phyllis Lapin
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Tonight on TBS you can find “Boys and Girls” and “Valentine’s Day” starting at 10pm on TBS.  Random piece of trivia: “Boys and Girls” was the first episode that get me interested in the show and I can never look at a teddy bear again without thinking of Phyllis lugging her oversized bear from Bob Vance (Vance Refridgeration) into the office.

Tubey Awards

You can go and vote for The Office’s season finale for the Best Season Finale Tubey Award over here.  There’s some pretty cool shows to vote for in the other categories, too.

Spoilery Goodness

If you’re interested in a little bit of spoilers, then go see which episode Mindy Kaling twittered about writing with executive producer Greg Daniels.  Also, you can go and read Jenna Fischer’s latest MySpace blog.

Ed Helms on The Tonight Show

If you’re a fan of Ed Helms (who isn’t?), don’t forget to tune into Conan’s show tonight to see him.  And if you need a little incentive, the Jonas Brothers (aka the Jo Bros as my sister calls them) will also be on the show.

Tonight on TBS

The Carpet
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Starting at 10pm tonight you can find the episodes “the Secret” and “The Carpet” on TBS.  I don’t know why you would ever trust Michael Scott with sensitive information, but at least we got to see him try and look like Jim.


The sixth season premiere, which will air September 17th, is titled “Gossip”.  What do you think the gossip will be about?  Jim and Pam becoming parents?  Something between Michael and Holly?  Rumors of another office branch closing?  Or some new storyline to carry us through at least the beginning of the season?  Discuss!

Rainn Wilson on Conan

Rainn Wilson was on the The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien last night.  Here’s the video of his interview:

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Tonight on NBC

Tonight’s summer flashback is “The Michael Scott Paper Company”.  For a refresher on what went down in this episode, check out these previous posts:

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Tonight on TBS

The Injury
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Another two of my favorite episodes will be on TBS tonight.  I think this solidifies the fact that Season 2 is my favorite of all The Office seasons.  Starting at 10pm we have “Booze Cruise” followed immediately by “The Injury”.  I’ve never been able to look at a George Foreman grill the same.  How about you?