The Office Wins a SAG Award


Congratulations to the Office staff for winning a SAG award last night.  They won for best comedy ensemble!

Michael Comes Back From Vacation

It’s another round of episodes tomorrow night on TBS at 10 pm.  First is The Convict where the office learns that one of the former Stamford branch emloyees is an ex-convict.  Michael gets upset when the staff starts to compare the office to prison. Meanwhile, Jim “coaches” Andy  when he decides to make a play for Pam.

Then at 10:30,   Michael returns from his Jamaican vacation as the office prepares for a night of inventory.  Michael tries to hang on to his relaxed island vibe despite a wave of office hassles. But it becomes too much when an e-mail containing a racy vacation photo is forwarded around the office. Pam gets caught in the middle as Jim and Karen argue.

It’s must see TV tomorrow night.

What were you doing in the ladies room?! – Phyllis to Dwight

Rainn Wilson’s life during the strike

From Entertainment Weekly

The Office‘s assistant to the regional manager Rainn Wilson is finally getting a promotion to big boss man as this year’s host of Film Independent’s Spirit Awards (airing Feb. 23 on AMC and IFC channels). In the, er, spirit of things, Wilson spoke with EW last week about the new gig, his role opposite Ellen Page in Juno, and what he and his Dunder Mifflinites are up to during the strike.,,20170202,00.html

Branch Closing

Tonight is another great, full night of The Office favorites. 

Branch Closing – News of the Scranton branch shutdown leads Dunder Mifflin’s staff to dream of what their lives might be like away from the office.   When Jan tells Michael that the Scranton Branch will be shutting down, Michael strives to keep his staff’s spirits up.

And then at 10:30,  the Scranton branch and the Stamford branch of Dunder-Mifflin are merged; bringing old friends Jim and Pam back together after months apart. Michael and Dwight and the other employees deal with the changes.  How will Pam deal with the fact that Jim is now interested and dating another woman.

It all starts tonight at 10:00 on TBS.

Must See TV Tuesday – TBS

I have officially changed Must See TV Thursday night on NBC to Must See TV Tuesday night on TBS because this is the only channel where I can get The Office.  

In any event, tonight is sure to not disappoint.  Coming up at 10 pm is “The Initiation” where Dwight takes Ryan on his first sales call subjecting him to an outrageous series of tests along the way.

Then at 10:30, check out “Diwali” as Michael urges the staff to support Kelly and attend a local celebration of the Hindu Festival of Lights.

Naturally, I think both episodes are extremely funny and there is a little bit of Jam mixed in.  Someone please help to end this writers strike.  We are hurting badly.  We need more Office.

Strike Continues

The Office is officially off the air until this strike ends.  Which means we are no longer even being blessed with re-runs.  Sorry to say this but “Celebrity Apprentice” has taken its timeslot.  Ugh.  What a losing situation for us Office fans.

In any case I struggle to find things to blog about now that the only shows I can talk about are on TBS.  No matter because I am certain to find other news about my favorite show.  Like this:


 If you happen to be lucky enough to live in the area, stop by and check out our favorite Jan. 

I’ve been recommending downsizing since I first got here, I even brought it up in my interview. I say, bring it on. – Dwight

Must See TV Thursday – The Negotiation

Salary negotiations drive Michael to think about his own pay.  Darryl  decides to meet with Michael to negotiate a pay increase. Meanwhile, Jim deals with the consequences of Pam’s confession to Roy.

I had mixed feelings about this episode when it first aired last season because Roy basically attacked Jim when Roy found out that Jim and Pam had kissed after Casino Night.  I don’t quite understand why Pam felt the need to tell Roy this but I am glad that she did because that was the end for Pam and Roy.  It would only be a matter of time before Jim and Pam would find their way back to each other and this was the beginning of that fork in the road.

Abraham Lincoln once said that ‘If you’re a racist, I will attack you with the North’ and these are the principles I carry with me in the workplace.- Michael Scott

Jenna Fischer bids for a shot to dance

Contact Music is reporting that Jenna Fischer tried to be one of the contestants on the next season of Dancing With The Stars.  Unfortunately she did not make it to final list.  Here is their article:

<<THE OFFICE star JENNA FISCHER was left devastated when the producers of U.S. reality show DANCING WITH THE STARS snubbed her bid to hit the dancefloor. The actress felt sure she’d be a perfect fit for the celebrity talent contest and set about contacting show bosses when the first season of The Office became a TV hit in America. She says, “They wouldn’t take my call. I had a dance background, I grew up doing ballet… My people called and I tried to use all of my connections and they wouldn’t see me, so I was rejected from Dancing With The Stars.” And Fischer insists it had nothing to do with producers’ fears she’d be too professional. She adds, “I wasn’t going to be that good. I was gonna stumble my way through, but it seemed like fun.” >>

She’s completely crazy. Steer clear, Big Tuna. Head for open waters. – Andy to Jim

The Office Convention tonight on TBS

End your Christmas Day with two hilarious episodes of The Office.  At 10 pm, it’s a Gay Witch Hunt as the Dunder Mifflin staff deals with some surprises around the office in wake of casino night.  Michael unintentionally outs a gay employee as he stumbles through a sensitivity mine-field. Also, we find out what happened with Jim and Pam.

Then at 10:30 pm, Michael, Dwight, and Jan head to a major office supply convention in Philadelphia.  Michael enlists Dwight’s help in organizing a party in his room for fellow conventioneers. Meanwhile, Ryan and Kelly join friends out on a double date.

Tonight starting at 10 pm on TBS.

Well, once you get down into the mine, what…you got laser tag or something? – Michael

Jenna Fischer in “Walk Hard”

Our little Pammy is in the movies again.   This time she plays opposite John C Reilly in “Walk Hard” which is a parody of the hit movie “Walk The Line.”  Here is an interview of Jenna in the Boston Globe.

<As Darlene, the second wife of singer Dewey Cox, Jenna Fischer not only spoofs Reese Witherspoon’s “Walk the Line” performance, she mines it for inspiration.

“Darlene,” said the actress, “was a complete rip-off of Reese. I stole her dance moves and her accent. She was my total unofficial voice coach for this film. I especially loved how she could swing her skirt in the duets.”

Fischer’s wry humor was initially spotted by “Walk Hard” producer/co-writer Judd Apatow when she worked on his “Undeclared” TV show.

But unlike Witherspoon, Fischer’s singing is dubbed. “I took some voice lessons for this. I went in the recording studio and gave it a shot. Yi! You know I’d sing fine if it was karaoke but Darlene sells records and no one would buy this record.”

An Emmy nominee as Pam, receptionist on NBC’s hit series “The Office”, Fischer takes comedy seriously. Although “Walk Hard” is a parody, Fischer doesn’t play Darlene as a joke.

“Darlene is the brains of the Dewey Cox operation and she does it with femininity. I read Priscilla Presley’s book, Elvis and Me,’ a firsthand account of what it’s like to be married to a legend, and I so admire how she runs that empire,” Fischer said.>

Webster’s dictionary defines ‘wedding’ as “the fusing of two metals with a hot torch”.- Michael Scott