It’s a Booze Cruise – Tonight on TBS

Tonight is one of my favorite Office episodes of all time….Booze Cruise.  Michael treats the staff to a “motivational cruise” around Lake Wallenpaupack in the dead of winter.

But the cruise is much more than motivational.  It is a half hour of non stop laughter packed with JAM moments including the infamous 27 seconds of silence.   I can’t possibly describe this JAM scene with any degree of accuracy….you just have to watch it to get the full affect. Essentially it is when we all thought that Jim was going to spill his feelings to Pam but he chickens out yet again and we are all left to see him deal with a broken heart when Roy surprises Pam by setting their wedding date on the cruise in front of everyone…including Jim.  It’s a heartbreaker but it is also where we see Jim at his most vulnerable.  It’s a must see.

In the next half hour we are treated to “The Secret” episode where Michael spills the beans to some office workers that Jim has a crush on Pam.  Jim, being afraid of this news getting back to Pam, tells her (Pam) of the alleged rumor in hopes that he can squash it as a false rumor before she hears it.  It seems to work…she believes it is just a rumor…or does she???

 Stay tuned tonight on TBS at 10:00.

Michael: Well, no. But… okay, don’t spoil it for everybody, all right? But we are going on a booze cruise on Lake Wallenpaupack.
Stanley: In January?
Michael: It’s cheaper.

Things Are Getting Worse at The Office

Pretty soon I am going to run out of fresh shows to blog about during season 4 because after this Thursday there are no more new episodes that have been written or taped.  I will now be forced to talk about the reruns that are being shown on Tuesday night on TBS.

Here is the most recent article from that talks about the writing staff now being laid off of some popular shows including The Office.

Show runners walking the lines are reportedly sent breach-of-contract notices by execs; layoffs begin.

Television writers are currently walking the sidewalks of Hollywood, New York City, and other US locales where shows are filmed as part of the Writers Guild of America strike.

Writers strike and pose for publicity photos.
Writers strike and pose for publicity photos.


But what happens when television writers not only pen the scripts, but also produce the show? Most of those mulling the idea of either striking with writers or attending to their nonwriting duties have opted for the former to support the cause.

The result has caused mayhem in TV land as several shows–Family Guy, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, among others–have been shut down because their show runners refuse to cross the picket line. The Office’s Greg Daniels has voiced his opinion and supported the cause over YouTube, and Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane is leaving Fox with only one fresh episode of the animated hit because he won’t help finish several episodes that are close to being ready.

The studios initially believed that show runners would proceed with their nonwriting duties, but what they’re finding is that most of them are out on the sidewalk joining in the WGA chants.

Now the studios are fighting back. CBS Paramount and 20th Century Fox have sent out breach-of-contract letters to picketing show runners, according to The New York Times, bringing forth the first major legal move of the strike. The Times cites anonymous sources who did not say which show runners were sent the notices.

The letters informed the show runners that their pay is being suspended, and at least in 20th Century Fox’s case, the letters specifically said it is for failure to “report to work and render their nonwriting producing services.”

Meanwhile, crewmembers on shows that have stopped production are beginning to get pink slips. According to Reuters, 20th Century Fox Television has already let go of writers’ assistants, but will continue to pay their health benefits through the end of the year.

Over at NBC, a shutdown of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno has forced the network to set a date of late next week for terminating the entire nonwriting staff, says Broadcasting & Cable. The same is allegedly holding true for the crew of Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

However, there could be a late-hour reprieve. The jobs of Leno’s late-night talk-show workers can be saved one of two ways: if Leno decides to cross the picket line–something he says he won’t do–and host the show without writers, or if NBC opts to find guest hosts to fill in.

Bad Day at The Office


LOS ANGELES – Writers were back on the picket lines Wednesday after their strike forced at least eight prime-time shows, including the popular NBC sitcom “The Office,” to halt production.

As the strike entered its third day, no new negotiations were scheduled on the main sticking point between writers and producers: payments from DVDs and shows offered on the Internet.

One of the largest rallies yet occurred outside the gates of the Disney studio in Burbank. About 60 people, including a number of powerful producer-writers known in the industry as “showrunners,” joined the protest, despite that networks expected many of them to report to work as managers.

Among them was Greg Daniels, executive producer of the “The Office,” who said filming stopped on the show after star Steve Carell refused to cross picket lines. Writers and actors from the show used their time on the picket line to make a video and post it on YouTube.

Sally Field, who won the best actress Oscar in 1979 for the pro-union film “Norma Rae,” left the set of her ABC show, “Brothers & Sisters,” to visit strikers outside the Disney lot.

Writers “are not being allowed to participate in the future of the business,” Field said. “This can be a very lucrative field, but also incredibly insecure for all of the artists, writers, actors and directors.”

Mark Perry, executive producer of “Brothers & Sisters,” said filming on the show will end next week as it runs out of scripts.

Jay Leno drove a vintage sports car to the rally and stopped to chat with strikers. He apologized for not having any funny lines to share, blaming the problem on — what else? — the strike.

The strike began Monday after last-minute negotiations failed to produce a deal. The Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers said no new talks had been scheduled. Neither group offered further comment Wednesday.

Production of at least seven sitcoms has been halted because of the strike, and the hit ABC drama “Desperate Housewives” was scheduled to finish filming its latest episode because it had run out of scripts.

Along with “The Office,” sitcoms that will stop the cameras include “Back to You,” “The New Adventures of Old Christine.” “Til Death,” “Rules of Engagement,” “Two and a Half Men” and “The Big Bang Theory.”

Filming on the 13th episode of the freshman ABC comedy “Carpoolers” was also set to finish Wednesday, ABC Studios spokeswoman Charissa Gilmore said. No new episodes have been ordered.

Recap of Branch Wars

Branch Wars is over and I don’t think it ranks among my favorite. Though I didn’t have it I felt it just wasn’t up to par with the earlier episodes.  Here are my thoughts and comments.

I loved it when Michael referenced the Dundies and asked Jim to promise to host the Dundies if he dies.  I love that this show goes back to prior episodes and mentions little details like that. It makes it more real.

Dwight in the car peeing in the can was an absolute LOL moment.

The car scene was a bit silly and might have been made better if we had a “shotgun” call out in the beginning.

Phyllis popcorn making was classic….how many buttons did she have to push to get the microwave to turn on…seemed like at least 20 pings and then Kevin trying to get something out of the vending machine and then rocking it like crazy! Too funny.

Toby is getting a bit too wierd.

The only thing I really didn’t like about Karen was when she had the three of them sitting down facing her like kids in time-out mainly because Michael is equal in rank to her! But then again most managers would not try to steal the copier machine either.

I always love Stanley’s lines….in the beginning when Michael is rigging the dummy aka “Ferris Bueller” and Stanley comes in and says “wouldn’t they feel worse seeing you sleeping in your office than being out of the office” (paraphrasing..I know he said it better than that which made it really hilarious).

The scene of them in the car did take me back to The Injury without Michael yelling and explaining the rules of shotgun.

I didn’t really like Jim cowering to Karen. I thought he should have stood up to her and just told her flat out that he is sorry but that’s life and he came to the conclusion that he couldn’t give her the love that she deserved.

Having said all that, what I loved the most about BW was when Jim was in the car and just realized they weren’t going to Staples and he got all mad and asked to get a cab and then Michael said something like “don’t you want to be in on the prank?”.  Even though Jim didn’t want to be in on the prank, I felt as though he didn’t want it to go horribly wrong so he agreed to help in order for nothing really bad to happen.

Use to have two cars, traded ’em in, now we’re down to one. Good economic sense. Although the new car is a Porsche. For her.-Michael

Must See TV Thursday – Branch Wars

BATTLE OF THE BRANCHES –  When Karen tries to woo Stanley  away from Scranton, Michael fights back, dragging her ex, Jim, into his war. Meanwhile, the existence of a “Finer Things Club” further disturbs Dunder Mifflin’s calm.

What on earth is going to happen with the Karen, Jim, and Pam triangle and will this cause a rift in Jim and Pam’s relationship?  Find out tonight at 9 pm on NBC.


Yeah, I created a website. Look, at the end of the day, apples to apples, flying at 30,000 feet, this is a paper company. And I dont want us to get lost in the weeds or into a beauty contest.-Ryan

Preview of Branch Wars

Here is the latest NBC preview of Thursday nights episode…

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You know, it-it's amazing to me that in this day and age, you could be so...obtuse... - Jan to Michael

Tonight on TBS

Here is the TBS Office lineup for tonight:

10:00 – Performance Review – On performance review day, the employees of Dunder Mifflin meet with Michael to discuss their work performances – but the only thing on Michael’s mind is his own impending review from his own boss Jan later that day. Meanwhile, Dwight thinks that Thursday is Friday and the rest of the gang works hard to keep him under that mistaken impression while Michael raids the employee suggestion box in search of new ideas for his showdown with Jan.

10:30 – Christmas Party – Want a heavy does of PB&J? Then you must see this episode.  Morale at the office Christmas party hits an all-time low after Michael suggests a game of “Yankee Swap” with the $20 secret Santa gifts – and everyone vies for the ipod he bought for Ryan.  In an effort to raise his staff’s sagging spirits, Michael introduces vodka shots and things liven up while Jim worries that the sentimental gift he got for Pam will end up in Dwight’s hands.

I never let anyone walk behind me, 7 out of 10 attacks are from the rear. – Dwight K Shrute

The Office Convention

This past weekend Scranton, Pennsylvania held a real-life “Office Convention”.  According to Oscar Nunez who plays the accountant Oscar on the show, he really thought that there would be paper, pencils, and staplers at this convention.

 In actuality it was a huge party scene at the University of Scranton. Most of the hit cast was there as well as a Casino Night, Dinner, Karaoke, a Ribbon Cutting and an Office Olympics.

Here are a few links of the weekend to enjoy.

Day One Part I, Day One Part II, Day One Part III

Day Two

I need to know who put my calculator in Jello or I am gonna lose my freakin’ mind! – Andy

Recap of “Local Ad”

Here is my review of last night’s “Local Ad” episode.  I had to give this episode an overall rating of B.  It wasn’t my favorite but it was pretty good. It had a good dose of the characters and the plot was pretty good.  My grade was raised at the end when they showed the Michael Scott version of Dunder Mifflin’s ad.  I really loved his ad A LOT!

But now here are my brief comments on several areas of the episode.

1. Cold Open – I didn’t really like it too much because it really had nothing to do with the rest of the episode and I prefer opens that are integrated with the episode.  Grade: C

2.  JAM – not too much JAM going on but I did like the few sprinklings such as Jim bringing Pam breakfast in the morning (only to have hilarious Creed steal the hash browns) and at the end when the bartender tried to hit on Pam, Jim was very protective of her.  Grade:  B

3.  Dwight – poor Dwight still trying to get over Angela.  I have to admit that he is becoming very likeable this season because of his crushed heart and Andy is totally oblivious to it all by asking Dwight for romantic advice from him. I love the “Oh, D” dance they both do in the break room.  Totally hilarious. Grade:  A

4.  Michael – he was actually rather calm in this episode which has been a change so far this season.  I think the talk with Jan on the train calmed him down a little bit and I actually liked him and his ad.  A few comments from him were “train-wreckish” but overall he was good. Grade:  A-

5. Dunder Mifflin rapping – I love the rap group with Darryl at the keyboard and Creed, Kevin, and Kelly on vocals.  I really enjoyed the jingle they came up with. Too bad Michael hated it.  Grade:  A

6.  The Ad:  I LOVED it.  In fact I love it so much I am adding the video to it right here.  Grade:  A++

Stay tuned for next week when I preview “Branch Wars.”

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 She's completely crazy. Steer clear, Big Tuna. Head for open waters. - Andy to Jim

The Office – Local Ad

When the Scranton branch is asked to participate in a Dunder Mifflin ad, Michael seizes his chance to exhibit his creativity. Meanwhile, Dwight explores the online world of Second Life.

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 The Dundies are about the best, in every, one of us. Can't you see that? - Michael