Office Merchandise

If you are hooked on The Office like I am you will be excited to see what I found…a site that sells all kinds of Dunder Mifflin merchandise including t-shirts, coffee Mugs, hats, handbags, and stationery.  They are even selling pet gifts to get your beloved pet in the Office spirit.

 Also, don’t forget that Season 3 is now available on DVD.  You can go here for your very own copy. 

And don’t forget to check out the new 2008 Office Calendars available worldwide.  There are so many different kinds to choose from.  You must have one of these in your own office.

 Only 20 days until the Season Premiere!

Uh, yeah, I got a ’78 280Z. Bought it for twelve hundred, fixed it up, it’s now worth three grand. – Dwight to Ryan

Football Tonight – No Office

I checked the guide this morning all excited to see which repeat episode they were going to show. You see, they are replaying season 3 leading up to the premiere on September 25.

I was sadly disappointed to see that tonight’s lineup does not include any hit comedy shows. Rather they are playing the season opener for NFL Football…Indianapolis Colts vs New Orleans Saints.

Stop by later though for the weekly installment of Office Gossip.

You can go mess with Josh’s people, but I’m the head of this family, and, uh, you ain’t gonna be messin’ wit’ my chilun’. – Michael to Stanley

Welcome to My Office

This is my first day in the Office…no not my real office as in 50+ hours a week while handing over my paycheck to Uncle Sam.  No,  I am referring to NBC’s The Office starring Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski.  As if they aren’t funny enough for you, there is the crazy cast of supporting actors and actresses that make up this hilarious, falling off your chair comedy that many of us can’t get enough of.    I hope you enjoy this blog because there is going to be many wonderful surprises, hilarious quotes and all sorts of fun stuff that will keep you entertained. 

People I respect, heroes would be, Bob Hope, um, Abraham Lincoln, definitely. Bono, ah, and probably God – Michael