5×24 – Heavy Competition

Synopsis (NBC): Dwight’s loyalty to Michael is tested when he finds a new hero in Charles (Idris Elba).  Meanwhile, Andy tries to provide for all of Jim’s emotional needs.


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100th Episode Festivities

This video clip comes from NBC and features the party held in celebration of The Office filming its 100th episode, which will air May 14th.

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“Michael Scott Paper Company” Deleted Scenes

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“Dream Team” Deleted Scenes

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Tonight on TBS

Oscar Martinez
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Tonight on TBS you can find the hour-long episode of “Money”.  Part 1 will air at 10pm/9c and part 2 will start an hour later with an episode of My Boys sandwiched in between.  Enjoy a stay at Schrute Farms or watch Oscar try and help Michael get out of debt.

“The Michael Scott Paper Company” Review

Again, like the episode that also aired last night, I thought this too was a strong piece of work from the writers.  I think that’s who my main beef has been lately.  I never had any problems with the actors, it was the writers who weren’t giving as good of material as they had in the past.  But I thought this episode got back into the awkward humor that I was missing with this show.

Yes, Michael has been making me cringe plently lately, but it has been a while since I found him truly humorous and a character I can relate to. 

And, let’s face it, any episode with Andy and Dwight belting out a duo with their respective banjo and guitar is pretty awesome.

“Dream Team” Review

For the first time in a long time, I felt like my good old Office was back last night.  I adored the cold open,  but I usually feel that way about any scene where Kevin is used in such a way.  I loved Jim trying to play Dad of the office and trying to get his boy to remember what his was told.  To have all the people celebrating in the background while Andy announced that his maid had died was just vintage stuff.

I loved the parallels between Pam and Michael.  I enjoyed the insight into Michael’s character about how he thrives on people telling him he’s going to fail.  It explains a lot about who Micahel Scott is.  The meeting with “the investors” was great, and I have to admit that my favorite part was when Ryan was winking and flirting with the elderly ladies.

All in all, a really good episode.  Let’s hope this trend continues.

5×23 – The Michael Scott Paper Company

Written By: Justin Spitzer
Directed By: Gene Stupnitsky

Synopsis (NBC): Dwight and Andy strike up an unlikely friendship and plan a hunting trip.  Regional Supervisor Charles (Idris Elba) asks Jim for a “rundown”, and Jim spends his day trying to figure out what that is.  Michael hosts a Paper & Pancake luncheon.

5×22 – Dream Team


Written By: B,J. Novak
Directed By: Paul Feig

Synopsis (NBC): After getting off on the wrong foot with his new supervisor, Charles (guest star Idris Elba), Jim finds himself face to face with the new boss in a soccer game in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot.  Meanwhile, Michael, afraid to face the workday, has trouble leaving his house.

Sneak Peek:

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Two Weeks Deleted Scenes

Here are the three deleted scenes from the latest episode, “Two Weeks”.

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